Group Testing

Accessible group testing

Whether you’re hosting a large event or simply keeping your staff safe day to day, Covid Clinic offers easy and convenient group testing.

Why Covid Clinic

Covid Clinic is a non-profit organization providing accessible testing for safer communities. We do this by:
  • Expanding testing access to everyone.
  • Ensuring an equitable deployment of vaccinations.
  • Educating the general public with the most relevant data and scientific research

Our group solutions

K-12 Schools

Bring testing to your schools to keep staff, students, and administration safe.

Colleges & Universities

Ensure college life remains as normal with students from all over the country.


Keep operating at capacity while ensuring health and safety.


Allow your employees to get tested easily
and conveniently on site.


Stay in compliance with local mandates
while hosting a safe event.

Benefits of testing with Covid Clinic

Mobile testing

Covid Clinic has a fleet of mobile testing vehicles that can dispatch teams to many locations. All testing services can be deployed for a group or event of any size if time permits.

Exposure response

Covid Clinic provides diagnostic COVID-19 testing at no cost to patients for groups with recent exposure. Patients provide their insurance information or truthfully declare they are uninsured and either their insurance or the federal HRSA fund will be billed.

Covid Clinic creates successful partnerships


Operating over 160 clinics in 14 states


Creating healthier cities
and counties


Over 3 million
tests conducted since May 2020


Education connection Over 673 campus and school locations

Covid Clinic partnership: Moorpark College

Moorpark College and Covid Clinic pair up to keep campus safe.

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Covid Clinic: A nonprofit providing accessible testing for safer communities

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