What to expect when your kid needs a COVID test

Do children need to get tested for COVID-19? Sometimes. If your kid has been exposed to the virus or is displaying worrisome symptomatology, you deserve to know the truth.

What can you expect when your child gets tested for COVID-19, as a parent? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

My child needs a COVID test: now what?

Many schools now require a negative PCR test from every pupil in their districts, but you may also need to test them out of concern for a worsening condition alone. If your child has caught the coronavirus, his or her symptoms will usually begin to present themselves within a week, give or take.

Children of any age may receive either a viral test or an antibody test for COVID—the former is used to confirm whether or not they’re currently sick, and the latter is used to determine whether or not their body has produced immunizing cells specific to SARS-CoV-2 in response to a previous infection.

Either may be incredibly nerve-wracking for young children and even tweens alike. What can you do to set the stage for success?

Tips for parents when your kid needs a COVID test

For a pediatric COVID test, you’ll likely need to make an appointment. Here are a couple of different ways to facilitate a smooth and painless process.

  • Be prepared to answer any questions that your child has—what will the test be like, and what will they have to do?
  • Show them videos or examples online depicting the type of test that they’re about to take
  • Bring your child’s favorite toy if they’re young and especially worried about getting tested
  • Your child may need to isolate until their results come back in; be sure that you’ve contacted his or her school beforehand

The fact of the matter is, nobody knows your child better than you do. Keep them laughing and occupied throughout the lead-up and until the grand finale—before you know it, you’ll both finally be free, perhaps even with a promising result already in hand.

Get ‘er done and let the good times roll

Getting tested is not the most exciting way to spend one’s afternoon, no matter how old you are. If your child might be at risk, however, it’s simply the most responsible way to proceed.

You can find a COVID-19 test for your child at any doctor’s office or healthcare center, or you can give us a call. As one of the fastest-rising COVID-19 testing centers in the nation, you can rest assured that your child’s COVID test will be in good hands.

Still have questions?

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