Rapid Mono Screening


The purpose of this service is to analyze patient blood to determine if patients are infected by Mono via immunochromatographic assay. This is useful to the community because it allows patients to get screened for Mono in a rapid care environment. This helps the community by providing resources for patients in a more accessible manner without the long wait times. Providing more accessibility helps research and spread of knowledge around mono infections.

*At most Covid Clinic locations. Processing time may vary slightly based on capacity.

All of Covid Clinic’s tests have received emergency use authorization from the FDA.

Ways to get tested

Group access

If your employer, school, or event has partnered with Covid Clinic, you will receive information about getting tested through their program.


If your organization purchased testing vouchers, you can book a test at the site most convenient for you. During check out, you will enter the voucher code.

Individual access

If you are not going through an organization, you can book a test at the site most convenient for you. Start by identifying your testing needs.

Testing for a large group

If you need to provide testing options to a large group, a partnership option may be right for you. Understand more about your options for—whether it’s onsite testing, mobile testing, or bulk voucher purchases.

Explore testing options based on your goal

Testing for travel

Before you can travel, many places require proof of a negative COVID-19 status. Understand which test you need based on where you're headed.

Testing for individuals

If you're not sure which test is best for you, identify your goals and how much time you can wait. Then take a look at your options.

Testing for events

If an event you're attending requires a negative COVID-19 test, we've got you covered. Learn more about your testing options.

If you still have questions

Check out the frequently asked questions to learn more about what to expect.

Medical details

This test is an individual clinical assessment. One of the following tests will be used:

Quidel Corporation Sofia SARS Antigen FIA Test
Access Bio, Inc. CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Test
Luminostics, Inc. Clip COVID Rapid Antigen Test