The benefits of testing your workforce weekly

These testing benefits apply broadly to the workplace, but some of them are even applicable to weekly school testing. If you’re a parent who’s concerned, you might consider getting in touch with your local school administrators.

1. Group testing provides accessible testing for everybody

Just like any other employee assistance program (EAP), group testing provides authentic COVID testing to everybody on your team. Not everybody can afford or even access COVID-19 testing, either at home or through a clinician. Employer-sponsored testing may very well end up being a vital resource to the most vulnerable people you represent.

2. Weekly testing helps your organization plan ahead

One sector totally devastated by COVID was the meat-packing industry and the communities dependent on it. Outbreaks within slaughterhouses were unusually sharp and common among many of them. Through this insight, industry leaders were able to reform the way that they ran their businesses from the inside out.

Pandemics like COVID-19 don’t come along every day—employers should use these circumstances as an opportunity to improve the way that their organizations meet the health and the safety of their employees, both now and in the future.

3. Testing facilitates a safe working environment

It pays to show your team that you care; even very simple considerations like provided PPE and temperature checks can go a long way. Bringing COVID testing into the workplace might also encourage a heightened interest and concern for hygienic etiquette in each member of your team.

4. Testing your team weekly stops the spread

Finally, the big one: frequent COVID screening keeps your people safe. Some experts will even go so far as to recommend screening employees for COVID twice a week—testing once a week might still be able to reduce outbreaks in a high-risk working environment by 36.9 percent, however.

If you’re an employer who cares, facilitating a weekly testing service might be one way to squash the beef before it even happens.

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