Covid Clinic, the brand, is
now known as Rume Health

Same services, same locations, new name


Yes! Rume Health offers the exact same testing services as Covid Clinic, including COVID-19 rapid and PCR testing, flu testing, strep throat testing, and more.


Learn more about Rume Health’s diagnostic testing services.

Yes! All of Rume Health’s testing services are conducted at existing Covid Clinic locations.


When you book a testing appointment at Rume Health, you’ll choose to book at a former Covid Clinic location.


We thank you for your patience as we transition each Covid Clinic testing site into an official Rume Health location.

No. The price of testing will remain the same, but there is a new added benefit: diagnostic tests at Rume include a virtual doctor’s appointment and a treatment plan if your test results come back positive!


These treatment plans are covered by the test’s price and do not involve any additional charges on your part. If you’re prescribed medicine it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice within approximately 15 minutes of your appointment.

Rume Health offers same-day virtual care services, including our Virtual Convenient Care, Virtual Women’s Health Clinic, and Virtual Covid Treatment services.


Virtual care appointments are perfect for instances when you don’t have time to wait for a traditional doctor’s appointment, and you don’t want to pick up the germs of an urgent care waiting room.


With our virtual care services, licensed healthcare providers are always on standby to see you.


Additionally, Sameday Health, a Rume brand, offers wellness services including IV drip therapy and wellness injections.

Yes. Dr. Matthew Abinante, the founder of Covid Clinic, created Rume Health to take the best of what Covid Clinic offered and expand it into a more robust health services company.