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Two-Minute Tuesday | January 3, 2023 Medication shortages in US and Canada

The scarcity of several high-profile prescription drugs, such as the antibiotic amoxicillin, have had some...

Two-Minute Tuesday | December 13, 2022 Two-Minute Tuesday: Flu hospitalization rates double and Strep A increases in the US

Flu hospitalization rates double and Strep A increases in the US  When the COVID-19 pandemic...

Two-Minute Tuesday: CDC encourages masks to prevent the spread of Covid, flu, and RSV over the holidays

On Monday, December 5th, the Centers for Disease Control Prevention encouraged people to wear masks...

Two-Minute Tuesday – Can I get COVID-19 from food?

Life has changed a lot since the pandemic, but the CDC continues to recommend the...

Recent enforcement of lockdowns in China – following COVID outbreaks

The past year has largely been a record of progress in the fight against the...

Two-Minute Tuesday | ‘Tripledemic’ in the US?

Flu, RSV, and COVID-19: Is the US facing a triple pandemic? Globally, during the pandemic,...

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