Insurance Collection

Fill this out to ensure you do not receive a bill for your COVID-19 tests.

Important: Covid Clinic has provided COVID-19 testing for you or your dependents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since January 1, 2022, California law (SB 510) requires private California insurance plans to pay for ALL COVID-19 testing received by you and your dependents at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic (at no out of pocket cost to you or your dependents).

The law also is retroactive to March 4, 2020. (Please be aware that federal HRSA funding no longer covers testing for people without insurance, however.). To make sure you and your dependents receive the protection of this California law (so that we do not need to bill you for our COVID-19 testing), you must provide us with your accurate insurance information. Once we have your accurate insurance information, we can bill and accept payment from your insurance plan (as payment in full) for any COVID-19 testing you have received from us (in the past or in the future).

Without your accurate insurance information, you and your dependents cannot receive the benefit of the California law (SB 510).

Covid Clinic is sending communication via text from 81636 and via email from If you received a request for insurance information from these senders, please use the links provided to securely provide your insurance information. The phone number 816-36 is not a scam