How to store a COVID-19 test at home

Rapid testing at home may seem like it’s all fun and games, but the test kit in your hands is actually a delicate, sensitive medical instrument.

A properly-stored test is one much more likely to deliver an accurate result. Read on for a few tips on how to set an at-home rapid test up for success, even if you’ll be hanging on to it for a moment.

Proper test storage at home

First and foremost: you should avoid opening or otherwise tampering with a test kit until the minute you’re ready to use it. As soon as it’s been used, it should be disposed of appropriately.

Before using your test kit at home, you should ensure that any safety seals present have not been breached, including its packaging—if it looks like your test may have been opened previously, we advise that you dispose of it immediately in favor of a new one. Examine the kit for leaking, unusual odors, and any other indicators of damage before proceeding.

Although some brands may vary in their recommendations, storing your test in a cool, dry spot between 35F and 86F will generally be a safe bet, especially in the short-term; exposure to high heat may damage the test and reduce its efficacy. You should never freeze a COVID-19 test, either—the test kit should be relatively stable between these temperatures as long as it hasn’t yet expired.

As with any other type of at-home medical consideration, experts recommend keeping your COVID test kits out of reach of children and even any pets in the home, as well.

At-home COVID tests: ready on a moment’s notice

Testing at home doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keeping a few extra rapid test kits on hand is never a bad idea, especially if you or anybody in your household is required to test frequently. And, for everything else, you’re always invited to drop us a line.

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