How to host a COVID-compliant party

Every event is a social distancing event. Whether it’s a large gathering, an outdoor event, or a quiet evening of cocktails at your place, you can do a lot to keep your social gatherings risk-free.

1. Keep a limited guestlist

The fewer in attendance, the less likely that somebody’s going to invite COVID to the party. Even if somebody does get infected, the incident will put fewer people at risk.

Outdoor events can be much larger than indoor events, according to the CDC guidelines, but if you’re having a gathering in a small apartment or venue, it’s definitely a factor to consider.

2. Ask guests to wear masks

If the event is large enough, you might want to ask your crew to mask up and social distance during the festivities, especially for indoor events. It’s a small gesture, but it’s one easy way to keep large groups of people safe.

Holiday parties and theme parties like masquerades might be able to work the angle into an enticing night of intrigue. Get creative with it—or simply pass out some disposable masks at your entryway.

3. Party within your pod

Podding is one trend that allows families, households, or groups of friends to contain themselves against possible COVID-19 infections by only socializing within their social pod bubble arrangements.

For multi-household families with members who are immunocompromised, podding is ideal for obvious reasons. It’s also a great strategy for neighbors to consider, especially ones who rely on one another for things like childcare.

4. Friendly reminders can help

If you’re throwing a large party, you should remind guests to monitor themselves in the days leading up to the event for COVID-19 symptoms.

Gently encourage your guests or patrons to self-isolate if they test positive before the event. You might consider sharing the goings-on of the event through Zoom or FaceTime for anybody who can’t make it—that way, everybody gets to hang out together no matter what.

Large group gatherings done right

Following the CDC guidelines for gatherings is simple. While it might be more of a challenge to host the type of event many prefer under some of these COVID restrictions, we consider it to be the perfect excuse to make every event count.

We can provide more information on event testing for events of any size, including mobile group testing that goes wherever you need it. Have a great summer, and don’t forget to wear some sunscreen.

Still have questions?

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