How to give back post-pandemic

In times of crisis, it can feel really good to channel an all-for-one type of mentality. COVID-19 volunteering and donation can take many forms; if you can swing the time or the money, you might be able to make a big difference.

Here are four ways you might be able to improve your fellow man’s lot in life. Getting in touch with charities, religious groups, and other organized endeavors is one way to get started. You have a million different options.

1. Donate locally

Money? Secondhand clothes? Toiletries? All standard. Donating tests or the money for vaccinations and other COVID-related services can now be added to this list—healthcare isn’t always accessible to the neediest among us, but there’s a lot you can do to help.

Entities accepting donations near you will vary, but sites like CharityNavigator can show you some major contenders working in most big cities. There’s always something you’ll be able to do.

2. Donate abroad

There are so many people in need here, and millions more outside our borders. You don’t necessarily need to be a foreign relations buff to make a difference, either.

Global organizations like UNICEF are one obvious way to donate. They help you spread the love without the homework—send it in, and they’ll allocate your donation wherever it’s needed most.

3. Donate some time

Whether you lend a hand at your local testing or vaccination pop-up or spend some time helping those in need at a local shelter, a little elbow grease can often go a long way. Soup kitchens, churches, youth centers, and adult homes might all be able to use an extra temperature-checker or intake assistant.

If you’re especially susceptible to the virus, you don’t necessarily need to volunteer on-site. There are tons of ways to show up virtually and to leverage valuable skills like design, marketing, and administrative experience for the good of your community.

Sites like VolunteerMatch can connect you with local opportunities and remote work for a good cause. It’s super easy to get started.

4. Engage in community outreach

You know what they say: start where you are. You can become a more deeply-integrated member of your community through any of the volunteer activities above, as well as by perhaps joining any local activist groups at work near you.

Who knows? You might end up being the progenitor of one of these efforts. Strong leadership is a vital part of any community. Passing out flyers, hosting community gatherings, and offering your support to those around you are all great ways to connect.

COVID heroes make a difference

When everybody pulls together, the burden becomes much lighter for all parties involved. If you’re lucky enough to have the time, cash, or donatable goods to spare, COVID-19 is one awesome excuse to give back.


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