How to get back on track after COVID-19

COVID-19 hit some of us like a brick wall. Once recovered, what’s the best way to buckle down and get back to business?

If you’ve weathered the storm, it’s time to rebuild. Here are our best COVID tips for getting your life in order again.

1. Clean everything

COVID-19 is an airborne illness transmitted primarily through coughing and sneezing. Still, just like in the aftermath of any other extended period of illness, it can often feel really good to totally cleanse your environment when you’re well.

We have a few FDA-approved tips for cleaning your home after recovery to share—you can check them out here.

2. Get moving again

According to John Hopkins, movement heals the body—this PDF covers a ton of simple exercises to try when you’re feeling better. If your case involved weakness and fatigue, shaking things down after recovering is one excellent way to reduce anxiety and improve your mood at home.

Sometimes, this might be as simple as getting your lungs moving again. Breathe deeply, your breath reaching all the way to the bottom of your lungs. It feels good, doesn’t it?

3. Make sleep a priority

Getting more rest is probably the last thing a recovered COVID victim is thinking about. Hear us out, though—a restful night of sleep helps you start tomorrow fresh and on the right foot.

Do what you can to ensure your sleep quality after COVID-19. A hot bath, meditation and yoga, a cup of tea, or a good movie can all do the trick if you struggle in the evening.

4. Make time for self-care

When you’re down for the count, things like nutrition, social interaction, and even just plain old getting outside in the sunshine tend to fall by the wayside.

After you’re officially back on your feet and on the streets again, we encourage you to make an extra effort to connect with friends, cook healthy food, and do that fancy facemask you’ve been hanging on to.

Stay hydrated. Light a candle. Organize your home. Make it fun. You’re back in action, and we recommend seizing the day.

COVID isn’t forever: find your new normal in style

The COVID-positive mindset is usually not an especially cheerful one. After recovering, take some extra time for all the stuff you missed while you were sick.

Nobody likes lying around in bed all day. Freedom is sweet—take full advantage of it, as well as of the opportunity to give your family or frie

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