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Stay in compliance with local mandates while hosting a safe event.

Why Covid Clinic

Covid Clinic is a non-profit organization providing accessible testing for safer communities. We do this by:
  • Expanding testing access to everyone.
  • Ensuring an equitable deployment of vaccinations.
  • Educating the general public with the most relevant data and scientific research

Our event solution

A three-part approach to healthy faculty, students, and communities across America.

Pre-event preparedness

To reduce COVID-19 exposure and bottlenecks at the event, patrons can now visit one of our many drive through sites within 36 hours prior to the event. Here’s why that makes sense:

  • Seamless entry to the event
  • Event starts on time since at-the-gate testing is minimized
  • Eliminate far travel: The majority of the population will have a Covid Clinic testing center within 30 minutes of their home or work
  • Confirmed “negative” before being around other patrons
  • Stay in compliance with local mandates
  • Peace of mind
Testing before entering

Through a fleet of mobile testing units, we can easily and quickly offer testing at the gate before entrance. This option ensures safety and efficiency by:

  • Dispersing mobile test units among different entracnes
  • Eliminating large groups of untested people
  • Being self-sufficient with power, internet, laboratory equipment, and healthcare professionals to run the tests

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