FAQs - Find Answers To Common COVID Testing Questions


What is the difference between tests?

The COVID-19 Test and COVID-19 + Flu Combo Test are for those who suspect they may be currently infected with COVID-19 because they are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone confirmed to have COVID-19.

The  antibody test is for those who don’t currently feel sick but want to find out if they have previously been infected and recovered from COVID-19.  Patients may order any combination of tests offered by Covid Clinic.

WhERE are the tests processed?

Both the COVID-19 test and COVID-19 antibody test offered at Covid Clinic testing sites are processed by independent, licensed laboratories. Our locations merely act as specimen collection sites for these tests.

The rapid tests offered by Covid Clinic are processed at our testing sites.

Will the test results be reported to the county health department?

Yes, all results will be reported daily to the patient’s county and state of residence. By law, Covid Clinic is required to report these results.

What are the age requirements for someone to be tested?

COVID Clinic can test patients of all ages.

How soon after a suspected exposure to COVID-19 should a person be tested?

Always consult your physician. There is growing evidence and agreement in the medical community that testing for COVID-19 at day three and day ten is prudent. It is recommended that a person isolate himself or herself for 14 days after exposure.

I pre-registered but wasn't able to get tested. Will I get a refund?

If you did not get tested, you will receive a refund. To request a refund, email us at info@covidclinic.org and let us know.

I would like to open my own COVID CLINIC. Can I work with you to open something?

We are a non-profit committed to testing. Our proprietary systems (legal, scheduling, consenting, websites) can all be licensed. Please email info@covidclinic.org to learn more