COVID prevention in the workplace: tips and best practices

How can employers prevent COVID-19 in the workplace? No matter what line of business you happen to be in, the following best practices for COVID prevention are all great places to start:

  • Always request that employees stay home if they’re feeling symptomatic
  • Conduct meetings remotely whenever possible
  • Sanitize your working area several times a day
  • Limit access to certain areas to only required personnel
  • Supply hand sanitizer or disinfecting hand wipes for your team
  • Provide adequate training on COVID-19 conduct and the proper use of PPE
  • Ensure that your workforce is well-informed about the coronavirus and how it is transmitted between individuals
  • Have a COVID-19 plan in place for any of your employees to refer to in the event that they do end up contracting the virus

Those in high-risk industries may be advised to test weekly; this is the best way to detect asymptomatic yet still highly contagious carriers.

As always, good hygiene is vital. Handwashing and sanitization should all be encouraged. This advice will be the same for anybody—cough into a tissue or your elbow to avoid infecting others, and avoid touching your face whenever possible.

How do we prevent COVID in the workplace at Covid Clinic?

We’re just like any other business the safety and well-being of the Covid Clinic team is a high priority for us, and we’ve got a lot we can share about COVID-19 prevention in the workplace:

  • We make sure to accommodate for at least six feet of social distance during all of our meetings and in-person gatherings
  • We facilitate contact-free deliveries and service whenever possible
  • We avoid sharing food, drinks, and utensils between employees, as well as personal devices like cellphones
  • Many of our employees work from home exclusively—if possible, consider allowing your team to do the same
  • We believe in the power of masking, and you should, too

They’re simple rules to abide by, but they make a huge difference. If your team matters to you, there is no better way to show them that you care than by making a healthy and safe professional environment possible for everybody to enjoy.

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