COVID-19 tips for small business owners

There are thousands of small businesses trying to continue in the wake of COVID. Many of those that have survived thus far still aren’t operating at the capacity they remember from before, particularly those in the restaurant industry. Is your small business still trying to find its new normal? We’re here with the tips and COVID testing resources that small business owners need to succeed post-pandemic. These COVID-19 safety tips can help keep your operation running smoothly.

1. Adapt your space with PPE

Things like physical partitions for long lines, plexiglass barriers for desk workers or cashiers facing the public, sanitation stations, and other accommodations can all help you keep your employees and patrons safe. Friendly reminders to your customers can help you ensure an orderly procession daily—in some cases, you may need to assign a member of your team to crowd control. Providing face shields and masks for your employees and patrons will usually be advisable, and there are a lot of charitable resources that can help you out in this regard. Physically distancing each employee’s workstation is also a great recommendation and will make more room for your patrons to patronize.

2. Avoid sharing equipment when possible

Tools, equipment, and workstations can and should be assigned if you have the resources to facilitate the practice. Keyboards and telephones are two major areas of contention for office workers, and the list goes on. Take a look at your working conditions, make observations, and figure out ways to improve. In some areas of your small business, such as water fountains, this might not be possible. High-traffic areas and high-touch points should be used on a turn-by-turn basis and sanitized frequently for this reason.

3. Review your employee policies

Does your small business enforce a dress code? Do you require your employees to get vaccinated? A better question: should you? The answer to this question will be different for every small business owner. Essentially, there are two parties of constituents you’re responsible for: your customers, and everybody on your payroll. Think critically about which aspects of your small business put either group at risk, and revise your internal code of conduct accordingly. These COVID-19 safety tips may help you prevent a potential shut-down—or, worse: a minor COVID outbreak on your premises.

How small business owners can prioritize employee well-being

In many cases, and depending on your circumstances, COVID-19 testing isn’t free. High-risk environments may warrant this investment on your part and keep your team from contracting the coronavirus from the outside. It may not always be glamorous, but it’s a consideration guaranteed to minimize new COVID infections in your workforce. Our group testing division can provide small business owners with everything their people need to function safely within their roles. Let us know what we can do to help. We’ll take care of the rest.

Still have questions?

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