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In the midst of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in 2020, the importance of accurate testing procedures to diagnose the disease became increasingly apparent. One of the major advantages of the new vaccines released in 2021 was that we could now also provide reliable screening for the virus.

In an effort to protect themselves against the virus, many countries have taken various steps like vaccination programs. There is no consensus on what this means for us moving forward, as there are many different opinions and theories that need testing in order to find out which one can work.

It’s clear that we need to take a more global approach in order to make significant strides forward against the virus. As it stands, individual countries are taking matters into their own hands and coming up with different solutions for prevention, but there needs to be some kind of universal consensus on what this means post-virus going forward.

Some people believe that vaccinating citizens individually country-by-country will allow us as humans an opportunity at self-preservation. But what about those who have been vaccinated, but still succumb to an infection?

The vaccine against the COVID-19 virus is an incredible breakthrough in the fight against the virus. Doctors are still working to understand how long these vaccines will protect patients, and whether or not they will be effective against future strains. It’s also unclear how long the vaccines will be effective against new strains of the virus, or if they will prevent people from getting sick from a new strain.

Some people are of the opinion that we should be able to choose our own destiny and decide whether or not we want a vaccine for ourselves, which would entail individualized vaccination on every citizen in each respective nation. However, others argue against this idea because with diseases like Covid, there is no way of knowing if you’re infected without either being symptomatic already or having taken some type of test beforehand; thus, rendering an individual’s choice meaningless when it comes time for them to make their decision. Nonetheless, one saving grace these two opposing viewpoints share is that everyone can easily be tested to make sure!

The vaccine tests have shown great results so far. Vaccinating every individual has long been considered as a plan of action. We are confident that the vaccines will work, and that we will not be seeing an increase in cases of COVID-19 as more vaccinations are rolled out. At Covid Clinic, it is our duty to see to it that all our patients get the best possible service and are crystal clear about what is happening with them. 

  • What are the different types of tests?

At Covid Clinic, we offer a wide variety of tests (not all tests are available at all locations), including:

  • 30 Minute COVID-19 Antibody Test

This blood test can detect antibodies for COVID-19. It’s a way for you and your healthcare provider to know whether or not the virus has been active in your body, which is especially useful if it has been more than 30 days since you were exposed. The results will be ready within as little as 30 minutes at most locations.

  • 30 Minute COVID-19 Antigen Test

This test will not only tell you if you are currently infected with the virus, but also how long ago your infection occurred. The results of this quick and painless procedure can be read within 30 minutes at most locations.

  • 30 Minute COVID-19 + Flu Combo Antigen Test

A three-in-one COVID-19 test! This quick diagnostic tool is a must-have for anyone of any age or profession. The process will take you an average of three minutes to complete, and the results are available at most locations within 30 minutes from when it was collected.

  • 1 Hour COVID-19 Molecular NAAT Test

This test rapidly detects an active COVID-19 infection in a patient. Results are generated in approximately one hour. 

  • 1 Hour PCR COVID-19 Test (Best before travel)

This inexpensive test gives a very good indication of an active COVID-19 infection. This testing covers almost all travel requirements, including overnight stays. Testing is done via an anterior nares nasal swab (in front of the nose only). The test can be taken by anyone who has recently traveled to a high-risk area, even those who have rarely left the United States. Results are generated in approximately one hour (one day in Nevada).

  • 1 Day PCR COVID-19 Test: Expedited RT-PCR Test

Expedited results, as fast as one day. Check your location’s website for more specifics. This test satisfies most travel requirements. Specimens can be collected by nasal mid-turbinate OR nasopharyngeal swab.

  • Respiratory Pathogen Panel

This is a test that will identify the source of respiratory infections, including COVID-19. Multiplexed methods are used in PCR technology to increase detection rates and help diagnose more than one virus or bacterial infection at once using genetic sequencing for identification purposes.

The information in this story is accurate as time goes. Unfortunately, there may be more to the story. While we are doing our best to keep this article up-to-date, major changes may have happened since publication. It’s always a good idea to check with your state or local health department if you have any concerns or questions about your own community.

Even though individual countries have made some significant strides in protecting their citizens against the virus through testing and various vaccination programs, it’s clear that more needs to be done. There is no universal consensus on what this means for us moving forward. Because of the global consensus to get tested for COVID, most people have become more aware and conscious about their overall health. This new awareness is an important step in promoting healthy habits that can cut down on long-term costs like healthcare expenses, as well as improve one’s quality of life throughout a lifetime.

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