Recent enforcement of lockdowns in China – following COVID outbreaks

The past year has largely been a record of progress in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in many regions of the world, COVID restrictions and COVID-related difficulties of all kinds, remain in place. 

In early October, Chinese cities imposed new closures and travel restrictions after the number of new daily COVID cases tripled during a week-long holiday.

New closures and restrictions following COVID outbreak in China

Outbreaks have been reported across the country, with the most significant in inner Mongolia and the western region of Xinjiang. In both places, several hundred new cases were reported every single day.

Although authorities discouraged people from leaving their cities during the National Day holiday that began on October 1, COVID in China is still going strong. New cases have risen from 600 at the beginning of the holiday to around 1,800 per day.

Restrictions enforced in each city

Following the preliminary positive test results, the latest lockdown began in Fenyang, a city in northern Shanxi province.

In the Inner Mongolia region, the capital, Hohhot, announced that vehicles and passengers from outside the city would be banned from entering the city. Hohhot has recorded more than 2,000 cases in about 12 days.

Both Shanghai and the national capital Beijing have had a small but growing number of cases. Two Shanghai districts announced the closure of movie theaters and other entertainment venues.

Zero-contagion policy still in place

China is one of the few places in the world that continues to use harsh measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Lining up for a free COVID test several times a week has become the norm for many Chinese citizens. In fact, Beijing and other cities require a negative result within 72 hours to enter parks, office buildings, stores, and other public places. And there is no indication that the policy will change anytime soon.

Wearing a mask remains mandatory for those over six years of age on public transportation, in pharmacies, medical facilities and residences.

COVID cases in the U.S.

With increased concern of a COVID surge developing this fall/winter season, following preventative measures, (we’ve learned during the pandemic), will help you take care of yourself and others.

For now, keep an eye on where cases are falling and rising across the United States in order to know where your community stands with the potential COVID surge.

Get tested or treated – here’s how

Taking action at the first sign is the best defense to minimize the risk of potential infections during the fall/winter months. Get tested! Stay mindful of following the standard recommended precautions when interacting with the public.

Tested positive for COVID-19? We’re here to help you get the COVID treatment that is right for you.

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