Covid Clinic

Senior C.A.R.E

COVID-19 sub-variant BA.2 infections rates continue to rise in our senior population

Covid Clinic specializes in group testing for any and all of the following:

Testing continues to be the best defense
against COVID-19 outbreaks

Covid Clinic provides convenient and personalized C.A.R.E to every patient.  Our mobile testing process, in conjunction with our Telehealth Services, provides the utmost resident-centric care.  We will come directly to your location at NO COST to your facility or the patient.

See how we provide C.A.R.E

We believe in service that’s as Compassionate as it is capable

Our providers are Attentive to the needs of your residents. We bring our best to you.

You’re guaranteed a Responsive point of contact; we move with you at every turn.

Our offerings are Encompassing within our field. We have everything required for success and better health outcomes for everybody you represent.