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Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omicron: COVID-19 variants explained

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be nothing but resilient. Cases rise, counties sound the...

Hard hitting virus stats + Strep A in the US

Increase in invasive group A strep infections The CDC has been looking into increases in...

Tripledemic in 2023: Where we’re at with RSV, Covid, and the flu

Covid, flu, RSV declining in hospitals as ‘tripledemic’ threat fades The fall and winter of...

Will COVID-19 become seasonal like the flu?

COVID-19 may indeed become a seasonal illness with predictable patterns of infection— but it’s not...

New Covid variant “Kraken” facts + at-home Covid tests from the government expiring soon?

It seems like we hear about COVID-19 variants and sub-variants a lot these days, but...

Healthy gut microbiome is the key to good health

All over the world people have been researching ways to boost their natural immunity. The...

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