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Covid Clinic, a Rume brand

From COVID-19 testing to transforming traditional healthcare

In 2020, Covid Clinic opened in response to the pandemic to offer drive-thru Covid testing and eventually virtual treatment.

Since then, we’ve opened nearly 200 temporary testing locations, tested approximately three million Americans, diagnosed half a million cases, and expanded our services to include rapid testing and virtual treatment for other deadly viruses like RSV and the flu.

But that’s just the beginning of our story.

Covid Clinic: In the details


Over 7 million tests conducted since May 2020


CLIA-certified laboratory
and FDA-authorized


100+ corporations and employees tested

A Rume brand

Telehealth appointments from board-certified Rume Medical Group providers

Rume Health: a new path to better health for all

Our experience with COVID-19 helped us discover that drive-thru healthcare combined with virtual care offers three things traditional healthcare lacks: access, speed and convenience.

So the Covid Clinic founder started a new company to push that combined model of care forward.

It’s called Rume Health.

The future of Covid Clinic

Covid Clinic, now a Rume brand, will continue to offer drive-thru rapid testing and online treatment for ailments like Covid-19, strep, and the flu.

Rume Health will focus on offering new testing and virtual treatment services, including its new Virtual Women’s Health Clinic and Virtual Convenient Care service.

All virtual treatment services at Covid Clinic and Rume are provided by the Rume Medical Group.

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Dr. Matt Abinante

Co-Founder and President

Meet our leader

Dr. Matthew Abinante, DO, MPH,  is the founder of Covid Clinic. It was in the parking lot of his private family practice where Covid Clinic’s first drive-thru testing site was located. His goal? Keep his community safe. Slow the spread of the virus.

At the height of the pandemic, the doctor was responsible for facilitating testing at nearly 200 national Covid Clinic locations.

Dr. Abinante received his DO and MPH from Touro University in Vallejo, California, and completed his residency training at PIH Health Hospital in Downey, California. He is a board-certified Family Physician. He is also the CEO of Rume Health.

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